Copyrighted Music

Under the Fair Use Provision of the music copyright laws, it is legal to use your purchased music, or music we purchase on your behalf, in creation of your customized DVD photo slideshows.

Use of the legally-purchased music falls into the same category as copyrighted music which is used for weddings, funerals and other private events which do not charge an admission or fee for listening to the music. As long as the slideshow client or Montage in Motion has legally purchased the music used, royalty fees are not applicable. Montage in Motion does not utilize illegal music-download sites; we purchase your music from legitimate internet music sites such as iTunes and Sony Connect. If clients send us their own music, it must be on a legally-purchased CD.

Montage in Motion does not mass produce copies of our clients' slideshows. Neither do we use our clients' shows as business promotions, demonstrations or for resale. By ordering from Montage in Motion, our clients agree to use their shows for personal use ONLY and not for fee-based public exhibition or for resale.

The use of your CDs (or music our company purchases for you online), therefore falls under the Fair Use Provision of the music copyright laws which contains these criteria:

1.      The user owns a lawfully-acquired or purchased copy of the original work.

2.      Few copies are made.

3.      There is no significant effect on the market, or potential market, for the copyrighted work.

4.      No similar product (i.e. slideshow of your photos) is marketed by the copyright holder.